Installation & Assembly

What To Expect When Assembling Your Products

Ensuring Safe Arrival for Your Furniture Selection

Your journey with HBA begins with secure product delivery. We take the utmost care in ensuring that your purchase reaches you in perfect condition. To achieve this, your furniture is expertly wrapped and securely strapped to a pallet. This meticulous approach guarantees maximum safety during transit, minimizing the risk of any damage upon arrival.

Assembly Made Effortless

Unboxing your new furniture is an exciting moment, and HBA is committed to making it as stress-free as possible. As soon as you open the packaging, the first thing you’ll encounter is our assembly instructions. These instructions have been refined over two decades to ensure they are the epitome of simplicity, efficiency, and clarity. We want you to feel confident in assembling your new piece, and our manuals are designed to guide you effortlessly through the process.

Quick and Easy Assembly

At HBA, we understand that your time is precious. That’s why most of our products come 90% assembled, meaning you’ll have your new furniture set up and ready to use in no time. In fact, for the general assembly, you typically need only basic tools like a spanner or an Allen key – and don’t worry, we provide all the nuts and bolts required for the job.

Your Peace of Mind Matters

While we strive to make assembly a breeze, we understand that questions or issues can sometimes arise. In such cases, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. We’re more than willing to assist you with any installation concerns, ensuring that you have the best experience with your HBA product.

At HBA, your satisfaction is our top priority. From secure shipping to effortless assembly, we’re committed to providing you with not only top-tier furniture but also a hassle-free experience. Choose HBA and let us simplify your journey from delivery to enjoyment.

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