Equipment to start your salon

Here at HBA Salon we are always happy to help newcomers who are looking into entering the salon industry. We understand that it might be tricky for newcomers to know what is important to have in their salon, which is why we have listed the essential pieces of equipment and furniture that you need for that head start.

Reception Desks:
How are you going to introduce your salon? The first thing your customers see when they walk into your salon is your reception. It is vital that you have a quality reception area, so that you look as professional as you can be.

Waiting Lounges:
The likelihood is that your customers will be waiting at some point for the appointments. Make sure they wait in style and in complete comfort. Don’t skimp on making sure your customers don’t just enjoy your work, but the atmosphere of your salon.

Quality Salon / Barber Chairs:
Think about the comfort of your clients and customers. How can they enjoy getting their hair treated, if they aren’t comfortable in their seats? Purchasing good quality barber chairs is one of the key investments in furniture in the development of your salon. Which is followed by…

Customers need to look at themselves in the mirror to see if they’re happy with your work, and you’ll need a convenient station to store all your salon accessories. Having a good quality workstation is essential if you want to add a level of comfort for customers, and to add functionality for your work.

Shampoo Bowls/Units:
On average, you will need one shampoo unit for three employees that you employ. You’ll want a solid shampoo unit where you can work in peace and to make sure your customers are comfortable. Having a mix of both shower bowls and units ensures smooth and simple operations in your salon.

Manicure/Pedicure Tables
Alongside haircutting, looking after nails is one of the easiest and simplest services you can add to your salon. Not only will you make extra money, but it adds to the repertoire of your business. Therefore, having manicure and pedicure stations and tables are essential for those offering these services.