Tips on Planning your salon furniture budget

Looking to get your budget sorted for your salon furniture? Well, we got a few very valuable and useful tips for you. Follow these and you can get the furniture you want, all within the budget you have.

  • Check out the quality.
    Always double check the quality of the hairdressing furniture and see where it is actually made. Some salon wholesalers will look to get away with lower quality. So always make sure you know where you are buying your salon furniture from, and most importantly, what it is made from.

  • Always get everything in writing.
    This means two things: you got a record of where your money has been spent, but also a record of your agreement with the salon wholesaler. If anything goes wrong down the line, you have a record of your purchases.

  • Always ask about guarantees.
    A lot of salon owners don’t actually ask if they have any guarantees on their hairdressing furniture they purchase. We advise that you ask your wholesaler salon supplier for any guarantees that they have. You might be entitled to some and not know it!

  • Be wary of the extra costs of deliveries.
    When it comes to ordering hairdressing furniture and getting it delivered to your salon, be careful to understand any extra fees that are attached to it.

  • Installations fees may be an added extra.
    Looking to get new pipes to your washing area? Or thinking about adding new power sources? Every time you look to add something extra, remember that you might need to pay the installation fees. Sometimes it is a must (and you’d rather be safe than sorry).