What it takes to open your own salon

At HBA Salon we are always happy to help new salon owners who are looking into entering the salon industry. As professionals in the industry, we have provided a list of tips and factors that you should consider when you open your own salon.

Study the field:
If you already have experience in the field and feel it is time to open up your own business, then you know what we are talking about. If you have no idea about the salon industry, it’s time to start learning and researching. Undertaking hairdressing courses (and even nail and beauty courses) are very important, not just to understand the basic premises of salon work (such as what haircare products work), but also to form a thorough understanding of how the industry works as whole.

Do you have the capital?
On average for any start-up business in Australia, you may need an initial invesment of $100,000 or more to procure  the essential equipment you need, such as barber/salon chairs, workstations, waiting lounges, reception desks and so forth. Opening up a salon is not cheap and if you are not passionate about it, then it can be a risky enterprise.  If you live and breath it, then go for it. If you can establish a loyal customer base, you will reap the rewards down the line.

Research and Study Your Competition:
There are no shortages of salons across Melbourne and Sydney and other major cities. It’s a big industry, that employs thousands of people.  There are many different types of salons, all of which cater to different markets. Who are you marketing your salon to? Do you want to be a high-priced salon or one that mainly attracts budget clients? Research the competition and see what is out there. From there, decide how you’re going to market your salon to position it uniquely amongst the competition.

Location, Location:
Following on from research, look where you can afford to open your salon…and see what is around you. There is no point opening up a salon surrounded by several others that target the same market as you; you’re all fighting for a very small share, and something eventually has to give. Look for a location that is popular and will bring in customers, but one that is affordable in rental terms for your budget.

Don’t cheap out on the equipment:
Just like any business, first impressions are important. You should be looking to make your salon stand out with quality accessories, products, equipment and furniture. You want your customers and loyal clients to be comfort not just with your work, but with your salon as a whole. Feel free to check out our list of products to see if there is anything you need.