How to plan the perfect salon washing area

The washing area of any salon is very important.  So how do you go about planning the salon washing area to perfection? Here are a few vital steps to take:

  1. Use partitions to break it up from the rest of the salon.
    Washing areas should be different and separated from the rest of the salon. In this case, use partitions to help create a barrier and section for itself. This will keep it calm and relaxing for clients; keeping them away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the salon.

  2. Allow for plenty of room.
    Making sure there is enough space between each washing workstation. You need the space for two reasons: your employees can comfortably walk around (as can your customers) and your customers have enough space to feel comfortable.

  3. Put some units in.
    You’ll need space and storage to keep all your hair salon supplies in the store. Make sure that you have enough space and room to install units or cabinets to store your essential washing supplies. Always consider a little bit extra in case you need the space.

  4. Keep the pipes hidden.
    There is nothing more unappealing than seeing pipes around you when you’re getting your hair washed. Some salons, believe it or not, actually don’t hide their pipes to their washing area. It is vital for your salon and washing area that your pipes are hidden from view.