How to remodel Your salon. The tips you need for a budget.

There comes a time in every salon owner’s life, that they must conduct a few minor renovations to their salon in order to spark some new life into it. Not only will the changes entice your customers, but it will also make your staff more satisfied with their work. Now, while it might seem like a daunting task, as professionals in the industry, we have listed a few useful tips to help you get started, if you’re on a tighter budget.

Recycle and Reuse.
Don’t think that everything in your salon should just be thrown out. Some items can be re-used, but in different ways. Old workstations can be used as storage cabinet for example depending on your salon layout.   Recycling and reuse can save you significant money.

But throw out the rubbish.
There are certain equipment pieces that you should get rid of. Do not keep damaged equipment as it will detract from your salon’s look. Make sure you invest in decent quality salon products.

Incorporate your style.
Everyone has their own unique style – you included. So use it! If you have quirky side, bring it out. If you love formality, then let it soar. Bring a little bit of yourself to the remodelling. It will make you happy, but also highlight to your customers a personal touch.

Keep your guests pampered and happy.
Do not skimp out on making your customers feel good about coming to your salon. While they wait, let them wait in style. Leave them food, magazines, but most importantly, make them feel like they can unwind. Change the decor and feeling of the waiting lounge to give them a chance to relax.  Find creative ideas to create a unique salon experience.

Get it functional.
Make sure that your workplace maintains, or increases its professionalism and functional approach. You want to make it as easy as possible for you to work on the customers treatment.  At the same time, you can style it up as much as you want in keeping with your personal taste.