Mistakes that will cost your hair salon business – Part2

We previously touched on mistakes that hair salon owners that might make when running their business. For Part One, we focused on employees. For Part Two, we take a look at key mistakes that hair salon owners when it comes to business’ advertising and promotion, and what your newbies should not be doing.

Failing to nail local advertising.
No one is expecting a massive state-wide campaign, but you should be looking at your local area and ways to promote your business. This is vital to ensure that your establish a name and reliable reputation. Focus on local papers, or businesses, in which you can create a strong local clientele. Get your name out there as much as you can.

Don’t forget the internet.
This is 2017 and if you fail to recognise the importance of your advertising your business on the internet, you’re in a world of trouble. Make sure you create a Facebook page, put your business on Google Maps (as well as create a Google Places Business Listings) and create a professional website. When people search for hairdressers in their local areas they use the internet more than you might think. The best bet is to create a strong online presence.

Focus on what you want to sell.
Don’t just start advertising your business without a strong focus. You have to have focus on how you want your halon to stand out for. Is it the competitive prices? The high-end quality? The different styles available? Focus on what is going to make your business stand out from the competition and build from there.

Manage your reputation.
Reputation – you don’t need us telling you this – is prime aspect of the success in business. When it comes to hair salons, even more so. You have to be in control of your business and its reputation. When a crisis arises, make sure you handle it with care and compassion. If your name is being besmirched online, control it. Your reputation is vital and it comes down to you to manage it when it matters.

This ends Part Two of mistakes that will cost your hair salon business. For Part One, please click here.