Mistakes that will cost your hair salon business – Part1

For first time hair salon owners there’s a risk they might make mistakes that are going to cost business – but of course they do not know they are making them to begin with. Here are some key mistakes that hair salon owners when it comes to employees, and what your newbies should not be doing.

Rushing into hiring.
Take your time and look into every applicant that comes into the door. Don’t rush into hiring anyone on the spot because in the end they might not be right employee for your salon. Look into every aspect of their employment history: experience, education, job history and references.

Appropriate salaries for workers.
Next, when hiring these workers ensure you understand a fair industry rate of pay. Do not promise them high wages or commissions if they are not realistically going to be delivered.

Going for the “best”.
Experience always counts, but hiring experienced professionals can be expensive. Make sure you can afford the level of experience you are hiring for, but as much as possible ensure you have the best team working for you.

Trying out employees.
Before completely hiring new employees, it is important to test them out with a hands-on test. We are not saying that you have to put them through a full series of trial assessments, but you need to test and assess their abilities on the job in practical terms. Make them show you what they can do. You want to make sure that in the end of the day that your new employee is up to task.

Not listening to employees.
Do not treat employees as robots.  Be mindful of your employees and take into account their problems and concerns. By treating them right, you will get much more back in terms of loyalty and productivity. Remember that a happy employee can make all the difference to your salon.

This ends Part One of mistakes that will cost your hair salon business. For Part Two, please click here.